My name is Joachim Herold and I am a keen photographer, image editor, make print products like photo books, calendars and offer individual coaching.

I was born in 1981 near Dresden, and spent my childhood and youth. After School and education, but I moved due to the economic situation in the southwest of Germany, specifically in the vicinity of Stuttgart, where I live today.

Moments hold on with the DSLR-camera, fascinated me since my youth.
I was 14 years old and got my first camera. The photograph became a hobby and later I took then my father’s camera. So I have learned the analogue photography.

With a few years break I started to photograph again in 2009 with a Sony DSLR camera.

fotography, my first Equipment

Meanwhile I switched to Nikon full-frame and like to photograph couples, weddings, portraits, create photo books, Leporello, posters and calendars. And I give my knowledge in individual coaching gladly. Meanwhile, one of my coaching participants, successfully participated in a photo competition.


You are welcome to also send a personal message via the contact form to me. I am pleased beyond, if you make use of the comment function for the various articles, and me time and again give feedback on this path so you are helping to shape this page!

So, and now a lot of fun on joachimherold.com!

Your Joachim