It’s mid-August, 25 ° degrees outside and the sun is shining. Actually the best weather to go on vacation and let your mind wander. But this year met again 18 enthusiastic musicians from Saxony, Franconia and Baden-Württemberg to make music together under the leadership of Jörg-Michael Schlegel from “Sächsische Posaunenmission e.V.” and have fun.

At the southwestern edge of the Spreewald the small town of Dahme is located in the Mark Brandenburg with plenty of 5000 inhabitants. A ruined castle, a “Postmeilensäule”, a granary, a local history museum, the ramparts and the city hall are the rather sparse touristic highlights.
And there is the “Seminar for church service” (SKD) – a set-up times and meeting home the Protestant Church Brandenburg. Next to places to stay, this also offers facilities for rehearsals and music and recreational chess, Tichtennis, football and so on.

Panorama, Dahme
Monday it starts:
From 11 Arrival and Room hog. Somehow it comes before a as had been the last and the penultimate and the year before that hardly anything changed, if you take of the
few people apart who have changed. The large part of the currently In Reisten had registered this year to participate immediately after the last time. It‘s always nice to see familiar faces and therefore the joy of reunion is great.

So now all of their rooms have moved and now the gemeisame time with lunch begins.
What has happened in recent times in which one or the other? Who are the new?
The food gets into the background, there’s just a lot to talk about.

The time flies by and in the early afternoon is the first sample on the plan.
This year we are in the “Heinrich-Schütz-hall” – a spacious hall in which we, together with our
Easily accommodates the instruments. Trumpets, Flugelhorn, a corno da caccia, horns,
Trombones, tubas, drums, a Landsknechttrommel and various stand for music and musical instruments we have here. The last few years we have always practiced in the Church,
but this is just refurbished.

Now it’s time to practice the pieces for the upcoming concerts. For coarse overview will first
all segments briefly alluded to address in later samples on the finer points. Most play in the round and practice regularly and some even take lessons with professional musicians. This becomes then also noticeable. The samples are really fun, because it neatly goes forward and you do not have to repeat every little thing. In addition, LPW has Jörg-Michael Schlegel a very pleasant way which affects the samples. It is relaxed.

Another special feature this week is that the participants may want a piece with timely delivery or consultation about the notes. So there was this time, for example, a piece by Henry the 8th from England Brass Band cast. And although one could assume that is not easy to play it, it was already rehearsing better than expected. At least now it is clear why this week so exerts a stimulus.

Now it is so with full vigor to the sample phase and the first concert. And of course, will not forget that you are on holiday and so there is next to an extended lunch break and free time in the evening. Going for a swim, board games, good conversation and a drink may not be missing there.

Now it’s Wednesday and the first concert in Riesdorf is imminent.
So the cars are packed and there you go:

Dahme, Posaune, Trompete


















The Church in Riesdorf is a beautiful little church and in which we will be warmly welcomed.
Also among the listeners and listeners are smiling faces, some of them were even last year for that matter. It seems to have so everybody knows it. The concert is going well and the applause was not long in coming.

Two of the highlights of this concert are a duet tubes for a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach and a contemporary city tour through Cologne by Eissler. When visitors get concert today, here’s a duet tubes during such an event to hear?
All in all it was a good hour of successful music and great joy on our side and the side of the listeners. After the following group photo was then done, there was homemade from the finest to strengthen the musicians.

Tuba, Horn, Schlagzeug, Dahme

Thursday begins after breakfast with the import. Now is also the time to a few “points” to work sitting not one hundred percent. And of course, the existing program is also supplemented with two pieces.DSC09099
After a long lunch break, which bathe, read, play table tennis and chess is spent differently, it is then in the evening in the Church of Kolochau. One also not very large church, but there’s enough room for us and the concert visitors. Incidentally, she has a very nice acoustics. And that not only have we enjoyed. From the the delighted faces of the first rows you could literally see the enthusiasm. So makes music fun!

Well it is now already become Friday and like all the years before now a visit to the nursing and care homes are located in the morning near the castle on the plan. With folk songs and evergreens sooner we bring older people some joy and variety. Beautifully standing in the shade it’s just enjoyable to play. A straight passing by kindergarten group stops in amazement.

The contrast is the evening concert in the great Protestant city church of Jüterbog.Dahme, Teltow-Fläming

First was playing from the tower. In the Church, then, there were at least 3 seconds Hall and a not so good lighting which demanded of us a lot. But here we were able to Pastime with good compy” by Henry the VIII a renaissance piece fully staffed 12-fold even play with the finish. An effective piece with potential for catchy!
With the film music from Pirates of the Caribbean and Sister Act were heard, among other more higlights. Although this concert was not as well attended as the previous but it was a very nice.

The Saturday offered this time something new. The last time was always after breakfast already closing. So we packed our bags and now it went together in column after Ringethal near Frankenberg. However, not all came with then, because some had to go elsewhere afternoon due to a scheduling conflict the entire Saturday and Sunday.
We moved into the Protestant Freizeitheim to continue on to a short break after Kriebstein. On the local dam which is traveled by cruise ships, we went on a boat tour with our instruments. Micha Weidauer had organized this tour and we played to our own and the delight of the guests.Dahme, Brass, Konzert

The Protestant Rüstzeitenheim Ringethal is beautifully landscaped in a valley and provides for a group of 14 people pleasant place. Volleyball net, table tennis, barbecue, fire pit are have a regular Saturday night for the common fun and just right for relaxing. And you can see a beautiful starry sky.


It is Sunday, our last day together. After breakfast we play OpenAir” service in Hainichen. There are also there-players and brass from the local environment, so that some of us still can hold some back and must expend not the same in the morning. Especially as the past night was very short.DSC09369

After the pack and vacate the room, lunch and a lawn chairlunch we make our way to Mügeln.

The last concert is on. Through the local town festival we need something to park further away and bear all Uttensilien to church. Well is there to it, which must play a tuba or the drums. But by joining forces we can. The town church of Mügeln is of medium size and has a very nice acoustics.
There is a short intro, then a coffee and moving break and then come to God the day before people abandoned us just in time thanks to the back.
And already our last concert begins. The church is really crowded. And our good mood is immediately made ​​public. A great sound starts sounding the room and the applause starts already after the first piece. For me, it goes by way too fast. Since change two encores nothing in it. It was the best concert concert this week!

Many thanks to Jörg-Michael Schlegel and to all the other participants for this wonderful time together!

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