Tower musicans give a sample of their skills from the Jüterboger Nikolai Church


JÜTERBOG against the long-standing tradition arrived on Friday evening
no strong wind gusts on. High up on the towers of the
Nikolai Church braced themselves the brave musicians against the storm. on 48
Meters high winds blew the tower a different wind around the ears as the
Audience on the ground.

The musicians were guests in Jiiterbog to as part of a small tour
to give a concert . As every year, found the so-called
Wind leisure for artists from all over Germany. particularly
from Saxony, Saxony -Anhalt , Thuringia and Franconia they had come,
to long to make music for a week together. ” It’s almost like a
Art Summer Camp with tuba , trombone and trumpet, a lot of music and a
just little vacation , “said Jörg Michael Schlegel. He
Waiting for the country trombone trombone choirs and musical director
the wind leisure . “I play for 30 years and was already on
many towers in the country to make music , but as a wind like today
I’ve really never experienced since it was already a little queasy times ”
he reported. Particularly hard it had the men on the
Footbridge , of each other , the two towers of St. Nicholas Church
connects . But for such a tower blowing the bridge was , after all,
been built , told the musicians .

It is an old playing tradition that in every city with high towers
the musicians remember their roots and hold a bugle.
This goes back to the old town piper, which throughout the
Middle Ages were. They were daily on the towers to the evening bells
call off, to particularly special occasions not only with trumpets,
but also with drums and trumpets, then the old adage
emerged, “he said.

And so also climbed the 20 musicians of the wind leisure before their
Appearance, the 218 steps up to the towers of St. Nicholas Church. five
were, however, remained rather below. Top blew such a strong wind,
that the concert had to take a short break now and then. the
Musicians had to do, their instruments, music stands, sheet music and
to cling to itself. Is everything just for the art,” chuckled
Stefan Türk from Chemnitz. He was very happy with his instrument
to have solid ground under their feet again.

Accompanied by Peter Cantor Michael Seifried and the organist
Barbara Regnery allowed the general public then the actual
Experience Trombone Concerto with the organ at St. Nicholas Church.
(By Kathrin Burghardt / märkische General 22.08.2011)


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