twothousend16 – a small sketches Calendar – Anniversary

5 years sketches Calendar –

when I saw the first sketches calendar from the drawings of my mother created” in the summer of 2011 was to imagine in any way that would evolve over the next five years of it.
I also had hitherto no idea how you have, for example, create files in order to make them able to print and there are additive and subtractive color process.
I have gradually acquired know, of course, not without making some mistakes all the necessary knowledge. But that has brought me further and can “develop” the calendar.

Attractions in the upper Elbe Valleythat was the title of the first cover sheet and it showed the Crown Gate” in the Dresden Zwinger. Somehow tried the different sketches of the title but had a theme to unite. I had from the then already abundant” range of designs just 13 picked out that I liked best. From a thematic order, as it is today, one could not speak at that time. But the prospect of something homemade that it can not be bought in any store around the corner inspired to do my. And on top of that
it was meant to be a surprise, which is also successful. One morning in July was the
1st calendar on the table and nuts was still stirred much.

The effort had been worthwhile. From one specimen were 25 and then distributed the joy to the whole family and friends.

Adobe Photoshop was or not the program with the lay out” the expert say would create calendar, but if you come from the photographic side, it offers all the features you need to. And why would you then be incorporated into a number of such comprehensive programs, but if it already works with a very comfortable? Finally, I was shooting through and already familiar with image editing with Photoshop. This helped me then, as it was then called again and again in the next few years:

We recover calendar? And what can I say? Yes, we have re-created calendar.
And now there were and are even different copies. Pirna and Dresden are resistant variants from 2013 were there every year and continue to be there. Other variants such as Saxon Switzerland, the Ore Mountains, or, or, or there will be alternating.

And how sketches Calendar 2016 You may Rejoice before?

Wandkalener A4 für 2016,  sketches calendar

We have 6 different variants for small anniversary with the following themes to choose from:

1. Dresden
2. Pirna
3. Saxony Switzerland
4. Osterzgebirge
5. Burgen und Schlösser
6. Rund um den Königstein

A nice selection as we find

For more information about the contents and the date of the calendar are going to have to follow soon.

Just check it again over here. Many Thanks!

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