Spring is here – hold early bloomers with a long focal length

That was a very nice weekend! Two wonderful days with plenty of sunshine and 15 ° degrees. Have you even with your camera go outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather?
I’ve grabbed the camera with a telephoto lens 75-300mm on Saturday and am going.

As you can see on the following three images, I have the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils, so photographed “from below” near the bottom. So I chose a different perspective and the flowers look more interesting, do not you?

Schneeglöcken, focal length

Krokus, focal length

Märzenbecher, focal length

Now what makes telephoto lens with a long focal length?
So through the long focal length of the objective of the course the focus is towards the blur significantly stronger. So I emphasize the subject and milder disturbing objects in the picture significantly.
At shorter focal lengths, the blur is usually not as great. Unless you can shoot with very fast lenses, the large aperture like 1.4 or 1.8 have as initial aperture.
And of course, always plays the distance from the camera to the subject a role. Additionally, I‘ve put a small vignette in the post. So when looking at is the eye
directed at the subject.

A photographic Tip:
When shooting subjects with long focal lengths without a tripod, it is important to have short exposure times. Since with increasing focal length increases the risk of camera shake. Of course, the newer camera models and lenses have image stabilizers include, but so that you can not perform miracles. So it’s better to go with the ISO upwards and thus to have periods of less than a 1 / 100s at non-moving objects.
Give it a try! Have lots of fun with it!

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