See and photograph a geometric motif – on line

How do I make a picture using lines and geometric shapes?

An innumerable mass of images has every day for me. Much was I suppose, but few pictures really aware of.

If you also ever noticed that photographs and images look more interesting if the subject is aligned on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line?

Most cameras today offer the possibility of horizontal and vertical line system in the viewfinder or display on the screen. In most cases, the third division is displayed, that divides the field of view into nine parts. Of course, there are also other divisions, but I prefer the third division of selecting the framing. Using these lines can I align the camera now so that my motive straight, or is deliberately displayed in angle. So I focus on taking pictures of the motif and try it by a certain section choose.
A straight horizon, a vertical column, or diagonal running across the image, soothe the scene and draw the eye to.

train bridge, motive, line
Overhead Ped Crossing – Focal length: 50mm – Lens: 8 – Time: 1 / 1000s – ISO 200

Image 1:
Is a pedestrian bridge over a railway line with a view of the sky. The two railings running towards each other in a straight line. And thus draw the eye to the center.

railroad track at Gruena, Scene, Line
Railway track at Gruena – Focal length: 50mm – Lens: 2.2 – Time: 1 / 8000s – ISO 200

Image 2: A typical web photo with a train passes. Through the pedestrian bridge and straight tracks of the gaze is drawn to the train. If you look longer for it, it happens a as if the train from the image moves.

A photographic Tip:
Take the time to take pictures and try it out to align your subject by using the pop-third division and make the image. Worth it!

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