Weekend and sunshine – with Anja & Udo at the Castle Park Bad Rappenau

Anja & Udo
Focal length: 210mm – Aperture: 7.1 – Time: 1 / 100s – ISO 900
Now it’s been a while, when I published my last article, but sometimes it also needs to be just a little time. There are now wonderful pictures from Anja & Udo, with whom I was on the last Sunday in the park surrounding the moated castle Bad Rappenau go.
Anyone who follows my blog attention, will be the guest author noticed before the name Anja. Now it was therefore about time to go take pictures together to talk about photography and to inspire each other. The weather could have been better not to be, and so it went in the afternoon going on a good mood:

At the very beginning of the park offer small fountain not only countless motives, but also the opportunity to cool down. What you see in the picture below

Two hands on a fountain
Focal length: 270mm – Aperture: 7.1 – Time: 1 / 500s – ISO 200
While Anja now adjusts her camera, Udo has momentarily set on a bench to watch the situation. This is of course not escaped me:
 A man looks and observed SW
Focal length: 135mm – Aperture: 5.6 – Time: 1 / 100s – ISO 200


What does he think probably now?

We now come to the castle, which is surrounded by three quarters with a large moat.
 A couple in front of the castle, Anja & Udo
Focal length: 52mm – Lens: 4 – Time: 1 / 250s – ISO 200


But the entrance of the house to get over this paved path, the well lends itself to the railings as a background. Railing as scrolling lines in the picture have also their charm, do not you?To sometimes respond to the issue falling lines, we have scanned from another side of the castle. (This image is, of course, subsequently corrected with the Lens Correction.)

Castle with moat
Focal length: 28mm – Lens: 16 – speed: 1/100s – ISO 280


And also the numerous existing trees in the park grounds inspire us. So also the following picture emerges.

A woman leans dreaming on a tree, Anja & Udo
Focal length: 180mm – Lens: 5 – speed: 1/100s – ISO 250
Just wonderful and natural. I can see the trust me and my camera towards the image. What do I want more?
 A couple on a bench, Anja & Udo
Focal length: 145mm – Lens: 7.1 – speed: 1/100s – ISO 200
Finally, both sit in the shade on a bench and are totally relaxed. What a wonderful moment!Thanks to both of you for this pleasant and beautiful Sunday afternoon. It will not be the last time we go take pictures together!
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