Alex in front of camera – a wonderful day in October

Capture the moment with your camera

It seems the sun and it is pleasantly warm outside, this Saturday in October 2015th
The autumn, as colorful and beautiful as you can imagine it, has everything immersed in a strong color dress. Just the right moment to once again bring out the camera and take some pictures.

Alex had asked me if I could make some pictures of her. You have a new dress, and so
we arranged for this Saturday in Stuttgart Travertinpark.
Travertinpark !? I had never heard in my entire life, and so the search was going on in the worldwideweb. After a short search I found it. A former quarry in northeastern Stuttgart,
which has been transformed into a park and where one does not have some technical witnesses are from the period of degradation. Something industrial atmosphere“, as of 100 years ago is already part around.
Alex and I met us there and already could begin taking pictures:
camera, portrait of women

I had my camera bag with all kinds of lenses filled, and so I got with it was also the Pentacon 29mm 2.8 and although this is a more than 40-year-old analog lens, I love this lens. It makes its own style” one does not riff with Lightroom or Photoshop.

camera, portrait of women

Alex is wonderfully relaxed and enjoying it becomes clear before the camera.
And so, even photography makes you feel good.

camera, portrait of women

camera, portrait of women

Although forming very strong shade during the morning and midday hours
a couple and I could not flash or bounce and wanted, yet are really beautiful
Photos emerged. It gave me great pleasure to have you in front of my camera
Alex and I thank you for this beautiful morning.

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