Couple Photography in the countryside – with Carmen and Martin

Saturday afternoon in Chemnitz/Saxony –

It is a pleasant 20 degrees, the sky is cloudy and repeatedly blinking the sun through. DC I meet with Carmen and Martin to talk with them about their wedding and for ever to take some nice photos of the two. Of course I have a few pictures of me on the tray, and a photo book to show it. To me it is very important that the couples who want to be photographed by me, my fallen pictures. Nothing is worse than when behind not like my photos. This creates resentment on both sides.
Fortunately, Carmen had however already seen pictures of me before they asked me if I would photograph them since. And so I found it not difficult to say, I’ll do it!
So now I’m here. I take my utensils from the car and meet a young, very sympathetic and hip couple in their home. And I feel as immediately at ease. We now discuss the mutual expectations and desires and then you go to the pictures.
Carmen wants to of course a few pictures with green” in the picture, so we go in a small park near after we have looked at the church.
Pre-weddingshoot, Carmen und Martin

Already with the
first images come in a wonderful mood and you realize that probably feel the two front of my camera properly. And of course you have fun!
Pre-weddingshoot, couple photography
Pre-weddingshoot, couple photography
Pre-weddingshoot, couple photography

The good mood in front and behind the camera leaves a atmosphere” arise in the sprout picture ideas that transmits visible on the pictures and I so wish for every photo opportunity.A big thanks to you two for this wonderful afternoon! I’m looking forward to accompany you on your big day photographically!

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